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Each one of us is different. But when it comes to music; I realized we all have stuff in common like the: excitement, dancing and having fun, regardless of the genres of songs we are inclined to listen to. Music has many benefits.  Just as it helps one to relax and escape, it helps another concentrate.

I do have certain styles of music I listen to and that I might be sharing with you. However, I won’t say I know it all when it comes to the various genres of music in depth. For that, I’ve got to learn.

the power of music while on your wandering

But when it comes to what stirs my ears up, I am all for it. I’ve always listened to songs while heading out. I believe this might be true to everyone. And I can assure you that having a good playlist and great earphones are what keep you great company. That’s why I like to expand my music directory since I get bored pretty easily. It’s a must-have for me; especially when I feel like “a little festive explorer” #mycurrentmood.

Therefore, here is what music can do for you while in your wandering:

#1. Stimulates your current wanderlust

The style of music you listen to can ignite in you a sudden envy to explore your surroundings more at that specific moment. Basically, it encourages you to go an extra mile and can make you forget that you are even tired (if ever you are)

#2. Helps you to immerse better

Well, I know you might be confused because music can be very distractive as well. But as you explore you can decide to stop to have a look at a landscape. The music you are listening at that moment allows you to connect with the place. To an extent that your memories of that place are connected with the one song you’ve listened to when heading there. What a great way to build memories! Isn’t it?

Music is Powerful while in our wanderings: It stimulates our current wanderlust and helps us to immerse better in a place! Click To Tweet

# Story time

Today is a beautiful day in Mainz: the sun is all up, people are out and about, dining in restaurants, chilling in parks, undertaking any sorts of activities.

And while strolling the streets of this 2000 years old city of Mainz, camera in my hands and my earphones by DRE on my ears, the song that was providing me with a tourist mindset was IN RIO by Jasper Sawyer.

My mind was literally transported to RIO for a while when listening to this song, but I had to realize that my RIO is Mainz. Blame the sun and the current heat! I innocently enjoyed the combination. I felt joyful and enjoyed my wanderings better. I couldn’t help but walk extra miles to snap these beautiful pictures.



I let you enjoy IN Rio by Jasper Sawyer, a young African American singer. His voice is everything. I love it. You?

Now, like I said, everyone has different taste. Let me know in the comment the song you currently enjoy! Will be glad to check it out and adopt it too!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. You have an excellent site here! Do you want to make
    some invitation posts on my blog?

  2. Very fine post, I definitely love this site, keep on it.

  3. Michelle says:

    I have never carried music to a trip. I will have my music on the list next time. Misic heals my soul.

    • Pauline says:

      Hello, Michelle! You definitely should! Let me know when you do, what you experience. Follow me on my social and let me know 😉

  4. I agree with you, Pauline…. especially number 2. It also gives me good memories. I love your blog:*

  5. I totally agree with you, Pauline…..especially no 2. It helps you connect and gives good memories. I’m loving your blog x

    • Pauline says:

      Hi, Victoria! Glad to see that you agree, It’s truly what happens! Which music can you recommend me? 😉 Follow me on my social and newsletter! xxx

  6. blossawe says:

    True! I love music and I can’t commute anywhere without music.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi, Blossawe! You are very much like me on this! Any recommendation I should be listening to? 🙂 Make sure fo follow my newsletter. Catch you on social media! 🙂

    • Pauline says:

      Hello, Blossawe! I am glad you agree and relate to me! Music makes escaping so much better! 🙂

  7. Jasmin N says:

    Music is so powerful! I always listen to it on a bus & imagine my life is a music video.

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