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Lover of photography, metropolitan cities, culture, foodie, but who never took a leap of faith to join the “sharing is caring” movement on the web. My motto:
Everything Big Starts Small.


Hi Everyone! I’m Pauline

Born and raised in Cameroon, precisely in the capital Yaounde, I left my country as soon as I was done with high school. I lived in Cyprus, where I studied my Bachelor in Hotel Management. I do currently reside in Germany, where I came to finalize my studies in Master in International Tourism Management.

I was pretty much focused on my studies before I came in Germany. Therefore, while in Cyprus, I did not fully explore the beautiful land and what it had to offer, first due to my “introvert-ish” attitude back then and other concerns. But living in Germany and, sharing a flat with only German mates the first years of my arrival, made me value the “You only live once” concept. My flat mates happened to be very lively, extrovert and, would drive me in their cars to visit neighboring cities; which I enjoyed and sometimes miss.

After a while, I moved out and went to live in Mainz, a city I fell in love with the moment I stepped in. But, it is the arrival of my cousin from the US for holidays back in 2014 and his solo traveler attitude, that made me to quickly want to adopt the mind of a tourist. I discovered a lot with him than when I was here by myself. With the mind of a tourist, you are challenged to getaway from your daily routine. You are curious and eager to discover. It makes you become more appreciative of where you are. I then understood that we oftentimes fail to realize how needless it is to plan for big trips abroad, once you understand that you are surrounded by interesting and beautiful things right where you are.

Plus, I always have a pen+a journal to write down ideas or thoughts. I also love to carry with me, my  camera to record myself or to snap a picture.
Why not blogging then?
Here I am starting!

Tourism begins where you are. It's all about discovering the hidden gems right where you live. Click To Tweet

Untapped Blessings? Why this name?

By definition, Untapped refers to any resources that is available but not used; and a blessing is considered to be a gift, a treasure.
Hence, I chose Untapped Blessings because for me, it represents the gift of shared experience and the perception that I get from exploring  anything that this world has to offer to us, but that we tend to overlook or take for granted:

  • The culture
  • The nature
  • The architecture/monuments

What is the blog about?

With this blog, I intend to transfer through my photography and my writing, the genuine feeling that I get from the places I visit. I believe that the first impression of a place is always worth capturing and remembering. I also wish to showcase the ideas of the places to be at, activities to do while there, and to inspire people such as:

  • Expats like me: to learn to explore within the cities (smaller/bigger) of the country they live in.
  • Locals: Same as Expats.
  • Tourists: To devote extra time to discover other cities, after exploring the “known cities” of the country they are visiting.

Of course it all depends on one’s area of interest 🙂

As Lao Tzu once said:

 “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

 I believe it only make sense once one starts:

  • Considering the world as an unwrapped gift, filled with culture, worth discovering.
  • Enjoying our surroundings while traveling.
  • Learning more about the lifestyle and the particularities of the cities or regions of the country you live in now.
  • Building on great memories, socializing, sharing and having fun!

I hope it does make sense to you! If yes, then stick around!





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Hi, I'm Pauline! I'm a Cameroonian Expat in Germany. Through my Travel and lifestyle blog, I aim to inspire and motivate you fellow expats women, to explore the cities of the country you are expat at! Explore the World Around You Creatively.
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